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Friday, 11 July 2014

I may be wrong but....

Marriage is hard, like algebra hard! Craig and I have been Married two years and we are still learning how to be married!! I thought you just got married, said I do, and went on your merry way! It isn't until recently I though that actually, you have to learn, and work with each other to make a marriage work! 
Don't get me wrong, I love being married, and I don't see it as work, but when I look back at all the things we have already over come I just think to myself "wow, we have really done well" 
Just because you love some one and know someone well enough to get married, doesn't mean that you don't still have things to learn, because believe me, it all about learning about each other and knowing each other literally inside out!  
I love Craig very much and can't wait for our journey to continue, and to learn together how OUR marriage works! 

:) xx

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Strawberry picking

Strawberries are Lexis favourite thing to eat! Every day after nursery on the way home she says, Can I have strawberries for lunch? She would eat them for breakfast lunch and dinner if she could! So today when my friend Kristy rang and said "let's go strawberry picking" I was more then up for it!!

I told Lexi we were going to pick strawberries with Kristy and Oakleigh, Oakleigh is Kristys little boy, so while we was waiting to be picked up she was chanting "strawberries with Oakleigh, strawberries with Oakleigh!" 

We got there and the kids ran ahead holding hands (aw!) we picked up a basket each for the kids and off we went! Both Kristy and I said how lovely it was to let the kids have some freedom and run ahead without constantly shouting "wait for me, slow down!" Lexi was well impressed when she noticed the strawberries, and once I showed her you could pick them, off she went! She got so excited when she picked really big ones! Jake had a little strawberry in his nubby net, looked like a vampire by the end of it! Strawberry juice everywhere!

I would recommend doing this if you are wanting to get your kids interested in fruit. Oakleigh isn't interested in eating fruit, bit as we were walking round we saw him try a strawberry! Which is brilliant! So definitely find your nearest farm and take the kids! They absolutely loved it!  

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